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How to Blog

How to use the Blogger

Anyone on the Internet can read anything on this blog. No limits. And if you're not signed in, there's no way you can hurt anything by clicking on something.

If it's blue, you can click it. Almost always, something will happen, and probably the easiest way to learn what happens is just to try clicking everything.

Below each post is a small note that says No comments (or some number of comments). Click that link and you will be on a page where you can write a response. Anyone on the Internet can respond, but all of the responses will be moderated—that means they must get read before they are made public (and that might take a few hours). And please do try to stay on topic!

Starting New Topics
Only approved authors can start new topics. Here's how to get approved:
  1. Send Curt your e-mail address. You can get me at At the moment, only members of St. Matthew's Church will become approved authors (though I guess we might let the Bishop in too).
  2. You will receive an e-mail from Curt Allen <>. The subject line is You have been invited to contribute to St. Matthew's Church. (Looks like an appeal for money, but it's not.)
  3. When you open the mail, it says "The Blogger user Curt Allen has invited you to contribute to the blog: St. Matthew's Church." Then there's an incredibly complicated link. Just click that link and follow the instructions. You will need to get a Google account (free) to become an author.
Now that you're in, you can start new discussion threads. When you're looking at our blog, click "Sign in" in the upper right corner of the screen. You will need your user name and password, and after that everything is pretty straightforward, and much like a word processor.

At the right of your posting window is a little frame called "Labels". Click one or more of them that apply to your topic. Or create a new one. Labels help readers by grouping things (so, for example, a reader could see all the book reviews and ignore the other posts for a moment).

That's really about all there is! I hope several of us have a rich blogging life here.