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Monday, May 15, 2017

A gentle reminder from the Treasurer

With Rev. Kay gone on sabbatical—and I think it's a grand idea that she gets to do this—the Treasurer part of me wants to put out a gentle reminder.

I will continue paying out her stipend as usual, because she is still working for us. And, of course, our other expenses (water, sewer, electricity, and so forth) will continue through the summer as well, so I am hoping that our donation income does not diminish just because of this brief change.

Just a gentle reminder. Please keep contributing to the church.

On an associated note, we have something called the "Rector's Discretionary Fund." Most of the money for this comes from cash offerings on the last Sunday of the month, and the money gets used (very quietly in most cases) for personal needs of members of the parish. Someone is in the hospital and needs money for medication, or someone is a bit short on rent payment—that's the sort of thing. While Rev. Kay is gone, Sister Nadine is the Pastoral Associate, and she is also taking care of Discretionary Fund needs.